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Brooks Truly, D.M.A.
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Percussion Organization
Percussion Organization

Over the years, I have become very detail oriented in regards to the organization of percussion equipment and all the related parts and accessories. The following is a small example of services I can provide for your school or organization, followed by a link of existing examples (where available).

All of these services are created in either .pdf, .docx, or .xls formats and are uploaded and hosted on google.docs so that they can be updated in real time from anywhere by anyone with access. If you are interested in any of the following services, please contact me for details and estimates.

  • Full Inventory Spreadsheets - including instrument make, model, serial number, size, head type, octave, covers/cases, etc, etc, etc...                    
  • Maintainenance Logs - these consist of a "to do" list, completion chart, and schedule listing typical times repairs should be performed  to keep instruments in proper working order. The following example is combined with the Inventory List.
Example:  Inventory and Maintenance Spreadsheet 

  • Sheet Music Organization - As a recipient, and purchaser of ample sheet music, I had to somehow organize everything into an easy, searchable, database. The following is a spreadsheet that is referenced to my physical lateral file, in alphabetical order, containg all of this music, complete with name of piece, composer, arranger, transcriptionist, physical location, instruments involved, players involved, with or without piano accompaniment, no. of mallets, other instruments involved, duration, grade, notes, available recordings with locations, etc... Obviously, this takes some time. 
Example:  Percussion Literature 

  • Percussion Oganization Schemes - for band rooms, practice rooms, percussion cabinets/ closets, percussion storage areas, basically any area with percussion. Every situation is different. This service applies to equipment positioning, case storage, mirror installation, shelving installation, practice schedule charts, repair schedule charts,  percussion assignment charts, and just about anything you can think of...just ask! 


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