Private Lessons
Brooks Truly, D.M.A.
Percussionist / Educator
Video/Audio Recording
Video/Audio Recording

  • Auditions
    Many times orchestral or school auditions require a preliminary or pre-screening recording to be submitted for initial acceptance. Also, if a multi-percussion piece is required for an audition, it is usually requested to be submitted as a CD or DVD 99% of the time rather than a live audition due to instrument availability, set-up space, and simply to save time
  • Jobs
    If you are like me and applying for jobs, 99% of the time you are asked to submit either a CD or DVD of a recent performance or a DVD of your teaching style; aesthetics are very important here! The finished product should be of a very high quality and should be presented in the same manner.
  • Recitals / Performances / Presentations
    With all the preparation that goes into a recital or a public performance or presentation, you should keep a documentation of it. Recording all of your recitals, performances, and presentations is a great resource for the future and a way to capture that special moment in time to watch forever.
  • Website or YouTube Clips
    If you have your own website and want to add an audio track or want to have an audio or video page but don't have the data or the capabilities to do so, or you want to post clips on YouTube, I can assist. Please contact me for details.

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